Lore Questions

These are questions about the lore of Bloodborne, that as of yet, are unanswered. This list will remain current as questions are answered and more arise.

Big Questions

These questions are about the overall story and lore of Bloodborne, while questions pertaining to specific areas will be covered in their respective section.

  • How/when did the “plague of the beast” begin?
  • Is there a cure for the “plague of the beast”?
  • What is the deal with the church and their role in all of this?
  • How does someone become a Hunter?

Area Specific Questions

The Cathedral District
  • Does the Cleric Beast exist despite the church’s treatment of the disease, or was the Cleric Beast created under the church’s supervision?
  • What is the nature of the “curative blood” and does it truly cure the beast plague?
  • What exactly is the Church Giant? Is it a beast?

Cainhurst Castle

  • What happened to the nobles that resided at Cainhurst Castle?
  • When did the noble family disappear? Was it before or after the beast plague came to Yharnam?
  • Is there significance in the wording of the Famitsu article describing the castle when it says, “bound by their bloodlines and by-the-book when it comes to their traditions”?
  • Is the frozen nature of the castle a natural condition, or is it something more?

Hemwick Graveyard

  • What are these rituals The Old Witch performs with human eyes?
  • Did the Old Witch appear before or after the beast plague began in Yharnam?


  • What is Gyula doing in Oldtown?
  • Is that a gatling gun Gyula is wielding??

The Forbidden Forest

  • Who are these people who were chased out of Yharnam? Who chased them out of the city, and why?
  • What is the background of this gigantic venomous snake?
  • Why is entry into the forest forbidden by the church and what is their motive? Are they trying to protect the citizens of Yharnam or keep their secrets hidden?

The Chalice Dungeon

  • Who built/was laid to rest in these ruins?
  • Why do the Protectors/Ritual Masters protect the ruins, and under whose direction?
  • What does the Chalice Ritual do, and why do the ruins change shape?
  • Do the Ritual Masters, with their prayer for the resting, have any connection to the messengers or the Nightmare World?

Extra Questions

These questions are miscellaneous questions based upon information outside of the officially released lore content.

  • Who is the Lady with the chime seen in this trailer? There is a tiny blurb about her, but only that she is bad news when she rings that chime.
  • Who is the old man in the wheelchair from this trailer? Is he significant or is he just one of the old men in wheelchairs we fought in the alpha?
  • What are the messengers? What is the Nightmare World that the messengers are described as coming from? What is the connection between the Hunters and messengers?
  • What/where is the "Hunter's Workshop"? Is it connected to the church?
  • What is the lore explanation for death in Bloodborne? It is a small detail and one that many games don't address, but Miyazaki is known for his attention to detail and having lore explanations for game mechanics.
  • Could this symbol on the cover of the Bloodborne strategy guide be a reference to the Brand of Sacrifice from Berserk? If so, is this a mark the Hunters bear? Does this provide the connection to the messengers and the Nightmare World?